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Welcome to Over the Top Academy of Dance (OTT) Summer Musical Theatre Camp. Disney's Moana Jr. is an inspiring story of a young girl learning about leadership, self determination and courage as her journey's across the ocean to her destiny. 

We are excited that you and your child are ready to join us for Disney's Moana Jr.!

This theater camp is truly a unique experience and opportunity for growth for your child! The benefits of learning to perform on stage build self confidence and the skill of personal expression. OTT is a diverse family oriented community where your children can build lifelong relationships. 

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" This thrilling and heartwarming coming-of-age story follows the strong-willed Moana as she sets sail across the Pacific to save her village and discover the truth about her heritage. Moana and the legendary demigod Maui embark on an epic journey of selfdiscovery and camaraderie as both learn to harness the power that lies within. With empowering messages of bravery and selflessness, Moana JR. is sure to bring out the hero within each of us."
- Music Theatre International

Disney's Moana Jr. is a show written for youth performers to enrich their performing arts skills! Your young performer will be able to sing along to the classic songs of "How Far I'll Go," "You're Welcome," and "We Know The Way," and learn new songs written for this version of Moana! 

OTT's Theater Camp is the perfect step to get your child started in visual performing arts! This is a safe place for your child to learn everything about theater - including acting, dancing. singing, and even behind the scenes! Our teachers incorporate fun lessons and activities to learn more about theater and to learn the musical numbers and scenes from Disney's Moana Jr.! This camp teaches your child about teamwork, hard-work, kindness, and focus.


This camp will offer your child an educational theater experience that they won't forget!


All our of campers will get to take part in behind the scenes!

This includes costumes, props design, and set design!

  • For Costumes, all of our campers will be required to provide a base costume (ex. t-shirt, pants, shoes), and will get an opportunity to create some of their costume pieces during camp time! If there are small pieces, OTT will provide those pieces! 

  • Props are the items our students use to help tell the story (ex. Maui's Hook, The Heart of Te Fiti)! Our students and staff will work together to create and find these items!

  • Set Design is the physical pieces that help set the stage of where we are in the story! We would love parent volunteers to help the production staff build the few set pieces we need for this show! 


OTT is a full service dance studio offering dance classes for pre-school to adult level. We have been quietly located in the Alger Heights neighborhood for 17 years serving our community through ballet, tap dance, jazz, contemporary and hip hop classes.

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Phoebe is a Grand Rapids native and is very excited to be back for her second year working with OTT'S Theater Camp! Phoebe has been attending Grand Rapids Community College for their Theater Pathway and has been working in educational theater for the past 4 years! She has worked with stageGR on productions with ages 4-72, Byron Center High School, and Northview High School. Phoebe is a huge believer in the power of theater education and is passionate about sharing theater with the newest generation of young artists! 

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Miss Bree began her dance training at the Grand Rapids Ballet Company when she was nine years old. She trained there through high school and had the opportunity to take class and perform alongside the professional company. Miss Bree furthered her dance training at Grand Valley State University where she majored in both Dance and Clinical Exercise Science. Miss Bree went on to complete a doctorate of Physical Therapy and is now a pediatric therapist at Mary Free Bed. She enjoys helping kids of all ages and abilities further there physical skills.

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In 2004, at 21, Jennifer bought Over the Top Academy of Dance, her childhood dance studio from the owners who helped her develop personally and professionally. Since then, Jennifer has shown the Alger Height community what the Hfe skills of dance can do. One of the keys for Jennifer in building her business is her abilities as a leader and mentor. She has an uncanny ability to identify the best talents in her students and coaches them to become champions. Jennifer's love of Tap and musicality, combined with her genuine commitment to bringing the best out her dancers allowed her to create stories. Stories her dancers could feel and would live in each piece because each dance was created from a place of understanding the history and presenting it with authenticity. Because Tap dance has given her so much. Jennifer is looking to pay this goodness forward by creating opportunities for young dancers to be inspired, for teachers to find mentors and veterans of the Tap world can continue to grow and enjoy dancing.

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Music Director

Jack Phillipson holds a degree in Music Education with an emphasis in voice from Grand Valley State University. After graduating in 2018, he started as the choir director at Northview High School. In his four years there, he has music directed four musicals, brought choirs to new levels, and inspired many students to pursue music beyond high school. His career as a singing professional has brought him around the world and he is so excited to learn, sing, and have fun with the cast of Moana this summer!

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Marketing Producer 

Ajamu Bernard is a Community Fitness Activist, a TRX master trainer and author of the Kettlebell Samurai Method. He leads education courses and hosts workshops that use storytelling and movement to share his wisdom. As a strength coach and pilates instructor he integrates bodyweight skills, Kettlebell Samurai Method and Classical Pilates to give a comprehensive mobility and strength improvement experience. Ajamu loves to run, play soccer and compete in Kettlebell Juggling shows, 



Over The Top Academy of Dance 
2423 Eastern Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49507


Monday..... 12pm-6pm
Tuesday...... 9am-3pm 
Thursday.... 9am-3pm
Friday....... 9am-12pm


Kids Are Required to Provide Their Own Lunches & Snacks.


Cost.............. $550 
Deposit......... $150 
Payments......... 3 

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