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5-part Fitness Workshop

Please bring a yoga mat!


What is Primary Shapes Workshop?

Primary Shapes Workshop series for People who want to learn how to integrate the Primary Shapes into your life for a pain free mobility lifestyle. This 5-part workshop series is lead by fitness expert Ajamu (Coach Jam) who will help teach you the foundational Primary Shapes to help you learn to release and recover your body. You'll learn bigger ideas to help bridge your mind body connection to regain the flexibility you had before pain and stress set in. 

These workshops are offered with our Adult dance/fitness bundle. 

Come by yourself or with a partner. All bodies welcome!

What is the take away?

Strengthen Community

This workshop aims to create not a single community, but to strengthen the communities  that are already around us. By offering a space to expand everyone's knowledge on personal wellness, this will also bring a new knowledge on how to strengthen our community through wellness and togetherness.

Health & Wellness

To continue to keep our bodies and minds strong, we need to continue the road of health and wellness! Primary Shapes is the perfect course of action to make a change to your day to day life, to listen and understand your bodies needs, and to take control over health! We aim to give back the community the sense of wellness that will not only keep our community members healthy, but our community itself strong.

Day to Day

The idea of changing and learning more about health and wellness can be a bit intimidating, Primary Shapes aims to alleviate that anxiety in the matter of 90 minutes! Everything learned in our Primary Shapes workshop, can be the catapult for changing your day to day routine! This safe space to expand wellness knowledge will teach about the "Primary Shapes" that can be inputted in your life easily!
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